Fireplace Restoration

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Fireplace Restoration Project in Los Angeles County

This is a fireplace restoration project that we handled to completion. Our client bought this house with this 80 year old worn down fire place.
The owner of the house decided that he wanted to save this beautiful piece.
It can be clearly seen that this project was challenging, You can see the brick of fireplace worn from 80 years of use.
We had grinded down a layer of the burnt stone in order to bring its’ original color back to life.

The main challenge in this fireplace restoration project was  performing the grind without damaging the texture and look of its original bricks.
After the grinding process was completed we calcium washed the bricks for its’ needs.
The next step of the restoration process was to give it naturalize washing and giving it time to cure and allow the sealer to dry.
The final step was applying a pours plus penetrating impregnator sealer in order to protect it.
The end result is a newly looking fireplace that became the centerpiece in the room.

As a final remark it is important to remember that fireplace restoration can be a messy project however when you decide to hire Natural Stone Restoration professional you are in good hand.
We take pride in the plastic covering and preparation we do and creating a shop like environment to protect the surrounding.


Fireplace restoration before Fireplace restoring  Fireplace restoration during 1Fireplace restoration Completed