Granite Table Restoration Project

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I would like to share a project of mine that was a restoration of a granite top table. T


Granite Top Table Restoration

This is a custom made granite table top. It was broken when someone sat, it could not handle the weight. you can easily see the two broken pieces.

We used

Our granite table restoration professional was able to attach the two pieces and restore the table to its’ marvelous look. Once glued we had sent the table for additional work until the natural smoothness was restored. We had used an epoxy glue mixed with spatial coloring pigments matched with the natural granite color.

Then we started the diamond water honing process bringing back the granite natural high finish polish back to its natural look.  Honing and polishing the damage area repeatedly using different grid levels of diamonds pads until we reached the desired finish polish matching the rest of the table.
Once the table top was glued and was back to its original finish polish, we let it dry from all the water.
We then appalled a granite sealer to protect it.





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