Marble polishing by our marble experts.

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For over two decades our marble polishing experts have been meeting many clients and completing many challenging marble restoration projects. On many occasions we met clients that were about to completely replace their marble surfaces only to discover after our marble polishing  that they saved thousands of dollars and got a new looking marble at a fraction of the cost

We use several techniques in order to clean, restore and help you maintain your marble surfaces. The main technique is of course marble polishing. It means changing the current finish and look of marble to restore it to its’ original look. On occasions marble polishing is enough to show the formidable look of marble however many times grinding and honing are needed to restore marble surfaces.


Countertop Marble Polishing

marble is used many times in kitchens countertops. Marble unique look effects any kitchen look and improve the kitchen design.

There are few steps for you to keep your marble tops

  • Clean often and regularly – use a damp cloth with very little mild dishwashing machine detergent. Make sure to dry and clean any residue left on your marble countertops
  • Avoid spills and fix spills immediately
  • Do not use acidic cleaning products

Many times following this simple steps will keep your marble countertops look shiny and clean however as time goes by more wear and tear will show and the times come to call a professional stone restoration service. Professional marble polishing will get you a new looking marble countertops.


Marble Floor Polishing

we receive many requests on marble floor polishing quotes. It is always satisfying to see the looks on our clients’ faces once a project is completed and the marble floor looks new again. Marble is considered a somewhat soft stone and on many times marble floors will get worn by the combination of shoes and sand, spills. furnitures being moved around and many more other reasons. before turning into an expensive project of replacing the whole floor we suggest using our professional marble polishing service. We never shy away from challenges and all marble restoration projects will end to your full satisfaction.