Granite Restoration Services

Restoration of granite surfaces requires a company that is both careful and experienced. Granite is a surface that can handle longer time of wear and tear before needing a restoration, this is due to the strength of granite.

There are different kinds of damages and wear and tear that some of them could be a DIY project and some will be requiring a professional granite restoration service.


Crack and chipped granite


Minor cracks and chips can be fixed easily by using transparent epoxy filler. The reason for using a transparent epoxy is you have the ability to add color in order to match the filler with the color of the granite.

Regular wear and tear

Granite will hold a long time in a residential setting.  Usually granite on a residential setting will not need extensive granite restoration however applying a sealer every few years is required to protect the surface.

It is recommended by our restoration professionals to purchase and use a penetrating sealer and we would love to assist you over the phone and guide you through the process. The right sealing process will prevent discoloration.

Soiled heavily used granite surface areas

If you see your granite surface looks somewhat dull and some areas look soiled and stained, this is the right time to call us. We can restore the granite surface to its’ original look. We will use to of the line chemical treatment and use our floor polishing machine  until the desired look is achieved and the granite surface is restored to its original setting. Counter tops usually will not require polishing however we will gladly assist with the granite counter tops.
mild scratched granite surface

Light granite scratches are easily treated with polish cream.


Badly worn granite surface

When your granite surface will be badly worn you should call us to get an on site restoration quote. Due to the nature of granite it is very important to use professional. Granite surface is unforgiving to errors.


Feel free to call us and schedule a free on site quote. We handled hundreds of granite restoration projects and we can make a difference