Marble Floor Restoration

Marble floors are one of the best options available to have amazing looking floors. Throughout history marble was the material of choice used as a flooring material. Marble does present maintenance challenge, Due to it’s softness and unique texture marble needs to be protected from wear and tear spills, moisture and other stains. Marble floors should be maintained and protected .

Marble is of course a natural stone and like all natural stones it has pores. This makes marble a material that can be stained. Removing stains and other marble defects requires a professional stone restoration service that has the right materials, tools and know how. Marble floors will need professional treatment every 8-12 months.

Acidic Marble Floor stains

There are many kinds of damages marble floors can sustain damages. Due to its’ nature acidic stains are one of the main ones. ¬†Many substances acidic in nature will create acidic stains.Few of the common acidic materials that can cause stains on marble flooring can be certain cleaning material (Pinesol), fruit and vegetables, soda drinks and more. Make sure all spills are immediately cleaned. The correct treatment of marble flooring will include a protective cover that will prevent acid stains.


Marble floor restoration - before Marble floor restoration - after

One more marble floor damage is physical damage. When we look at any marble surface we see a hard material that can sustain though treatment however marble can be scratched and chipped, again the correct marble floor treatment can prevent physical damage. The right marble floor restoration professional can help your old looking floor be revived and look as new.

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Additional before and after restoration projects

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