Marble Restoration Services

Marble floors and marble tops are to be found in many houses all over California and in Los Angeles county. First marble surfaces are looking glossy and shiny making every room look amazing however, as time goes by, with usage any marble surface accumulates dents, scratches and other marks that hinders its’ natural surface beauty, Many people will use covering materials (protective film) that over time increases the damage and makes the surface look even older and more damaged. We had met many people the actually considered completely removing after it became old and damaged.


This is where we come in, Natural Stone Restoration Services will restore any of your marbles surfaces. As a local company in Los Angeles with thousands of restoration projects behind us. We will use all the latest surface restoration techniques, industrial strength cleaning materials and the latest machinery to make your marble surfaces look like new again.

Marble restoration services includes many steps and requires restoration expertise that we have at our company.

here are some of the steps we will take for your marble restoration project


  • Surface grinding : Depends on the depth of marble scratches we will decide how deep of a grinding is needed.
  • Chemically hardening the surface : We will use the industrial strength chemicals to protect and restore any marble surface.
  • There are few types of marble stone surfaces and for some of them we will apply glass finish : This stage of the marble restoration process will make sure that the surface will be with a brand new look over time.

For all our clients, we guarantee our superior service and know how and end up with your marble surface restored and revived.

We lead the way in any marble restoration here at Los Angeles. Contact us for a free onsite visit.